Windows 10 Essentials for Business

Course Description

This course will include multiple modules & videos about Windows 10 functionalities for business and advise customers & partners how to get to Windows 10 for their businesses through different licensing options.

01 | Find out which Windows is right for you
Compare different Windows 10 editions for business (Small & Medium businesses, Enterprise & Education)
02 | Windows 10 IoT: Powering the Internet of Things & Industry Devices
Learn how Windows 10 powers industry devices & internet of things and how to license them
03 | Windows 10 for Enterprise: Empower your business to do great things
Learn about Windows 10 Enterprise premium security and management features designed to address the needs of larger organizations and how to license it
04 | Windows 10 for Education: Equip your students & teachers to do great things
Learn about Windows 10 Education enabling better learning outcomes, safety & security, simplified deployment and management as well as how to license
05 | Windows 10 for virtual machines
Learn how to license Windows 10 for virtual machines
06 | Tools available for Windows 10 user learning & adoption
Learn the tools available for your business to increase user learning and adoption
07 | Windows 10 Software Assurance Benefits for businesses
Learn more about Software Assurance benefits for Windows 10
08 | 3 min feature bite: Device Guard
Learn more about Device Guard
09 | 3 min feature bite: Credential Guard
Learn more about Credential Guard
10 | 3 min feature bite: Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WD ATP)
Learn more about Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WD ATP).
  • The fundamentals of understanding Windows 10 to Empower your Business