CRM Fundamentals for SME’s

Course Description

Wynand Roos discusses the importance of CRM in small businesses. He also discusses campaign management and how to keep in touch with customers from anywhere.
01 | Introduction to CRM
Wynand provides a definition of CRM and explains why it is so important for small businesses.
02 | The Four Stages of CRM
Wynand provides an exposition of the four stages of the CRM process and how sales and marketing need to tie together
03 | Campaign Management for Start-up Businesses
Wynand explains that campaign management is even more important for SMEs than it is for larger corporations. The importance of nurturing is highlighted and the use of technology is also brought in.
04 | Managing Customers from Anywhere for Start-up Businesses
The importance of nurturing customers is once again highlighted and the role of technology in managing customers is explained. 
  • CRM Fundamentals for SME’s