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We seek to position ourselves as partners to our SME customers to help them through the transition process and building a resilient business.

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All you need is your business debit card


Payment acceptance service (SwiftPay)

Register as a merchant and get paid with or without a website.


Courier service

Get up to 20% off your delivery to your customers via Fedex, DHL, GIG.


Google business advisory

Get up to ₦5000 google advert campaign credit every month.

Need a Business Debit Card?

'Access More with a debit card for your business.' It will enable you pay bills, make purchases and withdrawals. It is more than a card. It offers variety of offers, deals and digital solutions that will help your business grow.


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Business Debit Card Offers

G Suite

Get up to 30% off* on DocuSign


Get up to 30% off* on DocuSign


Get up to 30% off* on DocuSign

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