Your Business Matters

We seek to position ourselves as partners to our SME customers to help them through the transition process and building a resilient business.

Our Goal

  • The campaign aims at supporting our SMEs with our bundles of digital products and services.
  • Overall, this campaign will herald our digital shift in business model campaign for our SME customers, which is our end game plan. Examples of some of the bundles to be advertised are; digital marketplace, discounted website services, online consultancy services, free monthly webinars, digital business club/community and EazyPay (Payment acceptance service)

How we intend to accomplish these goals

  • Capacity Building - Google Small Business, Advisory Services, Business Clinic, Webinars
  • Access to Market - Free Google Ads wallet of up to 5,000 naira. Business Club, Business Community
  • Technology Solutions - EazyPay Payment Solution, Access Business Debit Cards, The SME Zone Platform
  • Discounts & Partnerships - Discounted Website Development Service.

Need a Business Debit Card?

'Access More with a debit card for your business.' It will enable you pay bills, make purchases and withdrawals. It is more than a card. It offers variety of offers, deals and digital solutions that will help your business grow.


Get in touch with our experts

To talk to us about how we could support your business, please call us on:
+234 1- 2712005-7, +234 1-2802500, 07003000000

Business Debit Card Offers

G Suite

Get up to 30% off* on DocuSign


Get up to 30% off* on DocuSign


Get up to 30% off* on DocuSign

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